Monday, May 19, 2008

Jerichon 2008


Edna: Margie, come look at this flyer we got in the mail, it's talking about something called "Jerichon." Have you heard about this?

Margie: Jerichon? What is that, Edna? I haven't heard a thing about it. Maybe they meant Jericho?

Edna: Oh my Lord, stop the presses, I've heard something before my sister did! Just a minute, let me calm myself down and I'll take another look-see at the flyer... Well, it looks like it's a convention for people who love Jericho. It says here that they're going to gather in Oakley, KS from May 23rd to the 26th, and all they're going to do is talk about our little town. Can you imagine?

Margie: Stop the dimwit! I knew that. I was just trying to stop you from going.

Why are they going to Oakley, Edna, when Jericho is right here? They could all drop by the basement.

Edna: I think you just answered your own question, sister. I wish it was closer to home so we could go. Do you think they'd send us a postcard?

Margie: You're right, Edna. Nobody wants to come see you. I believe that nice Morgan would send us a postcard. Maybe she could bring some food by too. I don't think we should try to drive that far since we're getting older now.

Edna: It surely doesn't look like anyone's going to offer us a ride to this thing, either. Well, if people want to know more about the convention, they can go here and take a gander. Looks like a lot of fun, doesn't it?


Although online pre-registration has ended, you can still register at the door in Oakley this weekend.


terocious said...
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terocious said...

Where I'm from when people in one town gather and talk about folks in another town it is a good time to start keeping an eye on your borders.

What do we have that this Oakley town wants I wonder?

Better keep both eyes wide open I say!

-Cousin T.

P.S. Had to delete my last post cause I cursed in it to dang much.

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Cousin T, what have we told you about using those dirty words? You just come visit and I'm going to wash your mouth out with my lye soap.

As for what Jericho has that Oakley wants-- I can't tell a lie. It's me and my Special Tea recipe.

I will surely keep my eyes open and I'll tell Edna to keep all 4 of hers open too.

Margie and Edna said...

Edna here. If Oakley wants my sister, they can take her, the sooner the better. But I'm keeping the special tea recipe.

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