Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Older Americans Month


Margie: Edna, this is Older Americans Month. I like what this article says about us being role models. I know I've always tried to live by the highest standards to show young ladies how important it is.

Edna: Margie, please don't make me call you a liar in front of our readers.

Margie: This is very interesting, Edna. My goodness. There are 9.7 million veterans over 65. How many do you think are men? I'd better start going to the VFW.

Edna: I didn't know that there were that many older veterans, either. For once I like the way you think, sister. Let's pack up some of our special tea and head down to the Jericho VFW--those soldier boys always did appreciate a trim ankle and a coy smile.

"Older Americans Month originated with a presidential proclamation in May 1963. It has been proclaimed by presidents every year since then. Last year, President Bush stated, “Older Americans help others to understand the past, and they teach timeless lessons of courage, endurance and love. Through their legacy of patriotism, service, and responsibility, America's seniors also unite families and communities and serve as role models for younger generations.”


James Garner had a stroke last week and is hospitalized, but they say he's recovering and should be released soon. Get well soon, Jim!

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Ellen said...

And these two Seniors use to be young adults at one time. It just amazes me when I see much older people than myself and realize that I will be that age some day and look the same.

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