Monday, July 14, 2008

Edna At Hialeah Race Track


Hello Margie! Look at this card here, those knobby knees on the flamingos remind me of yours when you wear short pants. My lands, I almost busted a gut thinking that one up. Those flamingos are at the Hialeah Race Track, which is this historic horse racing track near Miami. It’s a good thing it’s not open anymore, or I’d have lost all my money betting on some fast filly.

Speaking of fast fillies, I do hope you’re behaving yourself while I’m gone. And you stay away from the mailman, you hussy, you know he’s my beau!

Love, Edna

Margie: Here's another postcard that proves how hateful and mean Edna is to me. She just can't resist sending me her old slurs. Old witch!

I wish Edna would bust a gut. Lord knows her gut is so big that it would be like a nuclear bomb hit if it busted.

Just you wait, Edna, until you find out that the mailman has been sweet-talking me. As soon as your back was turned here he came. You're a demon, Edna.


kpasa said...

roflmao. I bet the mailman has a special package for both you girls. Hope he's not FedEx.

Margie and Edna said...

FedEx? Is that those government people? Oh honey, I never mess with them. They might raise my taxes and Edna is taxing enough!

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