Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Surprise For Edna


Margie: I am so excited that I just have to tell you all a secret. Just keep it under your hats because I don't want to spoil Edna's homecoming surprise.

You see, Cousin T and I were having our special tea last night and we got to discussing how Edna likes all that tropical stuff like what's in Florida.

After we'd enjoyed a few glasses of tea, I was telling Cousin T that he may not have book learning but that boy can build anything you want. And paint? That boy works magic with a paintbrush.

Anyway, I digress. Cousin T and I have have decided to do one of those extremist makeovers like what's on TV. You know that show called "Extremist Home Makeovers"? We're doing Edna an extremist bedroom makeover. Won't she be surprised when she gets home?

Now here's Edna's bedroom before she left.


Edna's Bedroom After

Margie: We still have to do a few finishing touches. Here's one I have to go get:


Margie: I can't wait to see Edna's face when she sees this! I'm such a thoughtful sister.


ê¿ê said...

Well, when she decides she hates that Amazon parrot, please let me know and I'll give it a good home. It's never a good idea to give an animal as a gift unless the person getting it has picked it out or at least indicated they WANT one.

It's not fair to the animal.


Margie and Edna said...

You're right which is why I'm happy to say this is a fictional story with a fictional parrot.

AmyV said...

margie & edna aren't real? say it ain't so!

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Amy, dear, only our hairdresser and you know the truth.

Hee hee.

Linda said...

I think you did a great job including the parrot! I believe she will like it!

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Thank you Linda. I'm glad to see you're thinking positive because Edna is a difficult person as you well know.

Maybe you can come check on me when Edna gets home?

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