Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Edna: The City Beautiful


Dear Margie,

Well, we made it to Orlando. They call it “The City Beautiful,” and I guess it does have some pretty parts. We saw lots of orange groves, but there weren’t any oranges, so I felt kind of let down. When we got outside of the city, we got close to the amusement parks. My word, I’ve never seen so many cars in my life! Not even that time that Daddy took us to that road rally down in Lubbock. I swan, everyone here drives like their you-know-whats are on fire. Makes a body worry for their own safety. I offered to drive so Itty-Biddy could take a break, but she gave me the skunk eye so I didn’t offer again.

Love, Edna

Margie: Well, it sure wasn't a "City Beautiful" while you riffraff ruined the view! As for no oranges, Edna, that's why we have grocery stores. I declare, you're a dumb one.

Lordy, Edna, you best watch that skunk eye. I heard Itty-Biddy carries a knife and has used it on folks. I hope you've learned a good lesson down there.

Itty knew not to let you drive! You're blind as a bat. You all probably would have ended up in Lubbock again or maybe Alaska.

Look at the time! I have to go make tea for the mailman!

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