Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Margie and Cousin T: Picnic: Part I

Margie: Cousin T, this was such a good idea to take a day trip while Edna was gone. She'd have been flapping her gums and making us crazy if she was here.

I'm glad we have our picnic lunch too. I brought all your favorites but that's a surprise for later.

Cousin T: A surprise for later is almost as good as one you get right away. How long have we been drivin' anyway?

Margie: Cousin T, I do declare. I think we're out of gas. How can that be? I bought $5 worth!

Cousin T: Look, they shut down the old Exxon station. No gas to be had there.
I hope we make it to the next station Miss Margie them skies aint looking to good.


Margie: I think we best look around and find some shelter. Let's stop and eat our lunch until the storm passes.

Cousin T: Uncle Jaybird's storm cellar is right near here he won't be needin' it where he is.

Margie: I haven't thought about Uncle Jaybird in years. Let's go there and have our picnic. I sure hope he's not haunting the place.
I'd like to enjoy my lunch.

Cousin T: The shelter's 'round back of the house. Green skies – Hurry now - might be a twister to add to your lunch surprise. Down here Miss Margie - "watch your step, your head and your mouth" as momma used to say.


Part II coming Thursday!


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