Thursday, July 3, 2008

Margie: Saving Gasoline

Margie: Just wait until Edna hears this story. I've had the most surprising day.

First, two lovely young men arrived at my door and said they needed to sell their car. I took one look and I was in love. With the car, I mean. Here it is.


Margie: As luck would have it, Cousin T arrived right before I could get my money to buy the car. He called it a gas guzzler or some such and said I shouldn't buy it.

I invited the young men to stop back by tomorrow to see if I might have changed my mind. Oh, here's what Cousin T got me to buy. He said it's good on gas.


Margie: Eat your heart out, Edna.


terocious said...

I also believe it fits your contours. -Cousin T

Balceroregontr said...

Cousin T should have made sure you had a helmet so your hair wouldn't get messed up.


I just had to tell you I love your site! It gives me the giggles every time I read it! :) Plus I think it is a preview of what me and my best friend will truly be like when we are old! LOL!

Margie and Edna said...

Thank you Cousin T.

Debby, you are so right. That boy is just too forgetful!

Thank you kshippychic. We're delighted to have you come giggle with us. Yes, even we old folks know how to have fun.

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