Friday, July 25, 2008

Margie and The Frenchman


Margie: I am having so much fun while Edna is gone. She will throw a hissy fit when she hears my latest news. You see, I was sitting on the porch today when this fancy car pulled up in the drive. Cousin T was fixing the porch step and he said that was a Roller Royce car that had pulled up.

Sakes alive, I don't know cars. Cousin T assured me, though, that it was a very expensive one.


Margie: The car door opened and a nice gentleman stepped out. He even brought his dog. He walked up to the porch and said his name was Pierre and he'd come to Jericho from Paris, France.

Well, Cousin T was making a spectacle of himself what with his mouth hanging open so I had to swat him to remind him of his manners.

This Pierre says he's looking for Edna. Well, blow me over. Who'd want to look for Edna? He wasn't making much sense so I just told him to stop all that parlee voo nonsense and speak English.

I finally made him understand that Edna had left home and was taking a tour on the Biddy Bus. I don't think he understood me but he did ask me out to dinner. I borrowed Edna's pink dress and some of her French perfume and off we went to Bailey's,

Those old gossips are wagging their tongues tonight. I can't wait for them to tell Edna. In the meantime, Pierre and I are going to the movies tonight.

Let me see what Edna has to wear.


Hawksdomain said...

With Edna out having fun with the Biddy's, it's only fair that you have fun at home! (Of course, I will deny ever saying that once Edna gets back home!)

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Oh honey, you know Edna well. You'd be smart to deny that for sure. Edna will be back next week and I'm going to deny that everything on this blog ever happened!

Jokesboy said...

That vintage car looks in good shape! funny blog you have :D

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