Monday, July 7, 2008

From Edna: To Cousin T


Dear Margie,

I saw this postcard and it reminded me so much of Cousin T and how he’s obsessed about his trains. I hope you two are getting along okay without me there to keep the social niceties going. Cousin T, you’d better be staying out of my chifferobe, I don’t want to come back to find out that you’ve been using my garter belts as tool belts. Margie, are you keeping that house clean while I’m gone?

I’ve got to go, Aunt Biddy wants me to come help her do her makeup, we’re going to the Early Bird buffet down on the beach. The sunsets over the water are beautiful, or so I’m told. I haven’t seen any yet since Aunt Biddy locks down the house at 7PM.



Margie: Lawsy me. Edna tries to boss Cousin T and me even when she's not around. Look at her acting like I'm a maid. She's the one who never offers to clean anything.

My lands! I've never heard of Aunt Biddy wearing makeup. Heaven knows it won't help her ugly face. That's especially so if Edna is going to help her. Edna thinks makeup was meant to be caked on.

Cousin T, come here. Edna has sent you a nice picture of a train. I guess her nasty smooches are for you too. Arg!


terocious said...

Thank You Miss Edna,

This picture brings to mind the train the "girls" Traveled to florida on in "Some Like It Hot".
I hope they don't remake that movie, it is just perfect as it is.

-Cousin T

AmyV said...

what a lovely train for your collection, cousin T! i'm guessing you miss edna much...

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