Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Edna In Parrot Jungle


How do you like this picture of me at Parrot Jungle? These birds are so tame, they come and perch right on you. What you don’t see in the picture is that they aren’t potty-trained. I really do think that if an establishment is going to let birds sit on its customers, they should do something about the bird’s bowel control. I told the manager that, too, right before we got escorted out of the park. Oh well. Aunt Biddy is taking me to a dance hall tonight and she says that I’ll be the belle of the ball, since I’ll be the youngest lady there. I told her that after living with you all these years, I’m used to being the youngest and prettiest one in the room.

Love, Edna

Margie: Here's sure proof that Edna is a lying liar. That picture is so not Edna. I'll swan, looks like she'd quit trying to fool people.

Edna, you are no belle of any ball. You look like going to a dance hall! I wish you had as much dignity as I do. Poor Mama would be shocked at what a hussy you are.

You're a hypocrite too, Edna. You claim this is a family blog yet you talk about bowel movements. Yours locked up years ago. That's why you're so sour looking all the time.

You watch your step, Edna. Knowing Biddy I suspect that dance hall may actually be a house of ill repute!


Hawksdomain said...

It's good to see that even hundreds of miles apart, the two of you don't change your attitudes a bit! :)

Margie and Edna said...

Hello hawksdomain. Yes, hundreds, even thousands of miles away from Edna, wouldn't change our attitudes! She'd still be a lying liar and I'll always be a lady.
Thank you.

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