Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Itty-Biddy: Tornado Chaser


Margie: Edna Alert!! Saved by a phone call. Cousin T and I get to live another day.

Yes, it's true. Old Edna called from the road. You should have heard her trying to get in my good graces. Seems they were almost home when Itty-Biddy saw a tornado and decided to chase it. Edna thinks they're now somewhere in Wisconsin.

The Biddy's are so mad at Edna that they said to tell me not to make up the guest room for them as they won't be staying. In fact, Itty said they'll just be tossing Edna out of the Biddy bus as they drive by the house.

I wonder if Cousin T could put a trampoline out there for Edna to land on? I'm going back to the basement.

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