Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Love Jennie


Margie: Edna, you remember our friend Jennie Sword? We need to write her a note to let her know we're still thinking about her. She's such a pretty, kind young woman. I wish everybody would be as sweet as she is.

Edna: Of course I remember Jennie, she was so nice when we interviewed her a while back, remember? I must say, this is one of your better ideas, I'd love to write her a note. We should tell her how much we miss her, and how our little town of Jericho just isn't the same since she left. Where is it she's living now?

Margie: She's living in California, Edna. We should write her and ask her if she's finding any bargains in Beverly Hills. Maybe those rich folks are having hard times too.

Frankly, I'll just ask if I can borrow her credit card because I bet she'd feel bad turning down an old lady. I wonder if she's met any nice cowboys lately?

Edna: Margie, don't you dare ask that girl for her credit card! You'll shame the both of us, and she'll think you're just an uncouth old woman. Which you are, of course, but there's no need for her to know that.

I do remember that she loves horses, so maybe she does know where there are some cowboys. I imagine there must be some real ones out there in California, they can't all be movie cowboys. You know, one of the things on my list to learn before I die is riding a horse, I wonder if she'd come back here for a visit and teach me how?

Margie: I have the best idea! Let's buy a horse for her and tell her it's here then she'd have to come visit again! She's so pretty that the young men would swarm around here.

Let me see your credit card, Edna. I want you to have your riding lessons.

Edna: Oh no you don't! You stay away from my wallet. If you want her to come visit, you can just think of something that doesn't involve my credit card.

I think if we told her that she could come for a nice restful stay in our guestroom, she'd like that. We could make up some of Mama's teacakes for her, and she could have all the special tea she wanted. I know she must be tired of the rat race out there in Los Angeles, so a visit here to Jericho would be just what she needed. Margie, go get out the writing paper and let's get this note ready for sending!


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Good read, as always! And LOVE the postcard Pic!

Jodi said...

You guys are great. Sorry I have not been around lately, but it takes allot out of me to try to sit and do all of these drops. So I am sorry I have not been a steady dropper, but I still am a steady reader. God bless.


Dorothy said...

Great site..I'll be back thanks for visiting our blog.

Dorothy from grammology

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