Monday, March 30, 2009

M&E plan their spring garden


Edna: Margie, we're running late on our garden planning this year, what with all the partying we've been doing lately. My lands, but we need to get a move on if we're going to have anything planted! I know Cousin T will help us with whatever we need outside, but I think we'd best decide what we want to grow before we start him to work. For myself, I think we should put in a few heirloom vegetables. I've got a hankering to grow me some purple tomatoes this year.

Margie: Whatever you do, Edna, don't give Cousin T any Special tea until he's finished making our rows. Lord a mercy, they went every which-a-way last year.

I'm planting red tomatoes and corn plus some peanuts. We need beans too, Edna, and a herb garden.

Edna: An herb garden is a very good idea, I just love the smell of lemon verbena. I also think we should set an area aside just for some flowers. Zinnias and sunflowers are always a cheerful addition to any garden.

Oh, and look, I found a plant that we can grow in your honor. It's called Devil's Claws. Hee!

Margie: Edna, you are not funny. I'm salting a ring around the garden to keep demons like you out.

I'll also plant some tall, pretty flowers so I don't have to look at your face.

Edna: Fine by me, since that means I won't have to see you either.

I'm looking forward to some homegrown vegetables this season, Margie. Go call Cousin T and tell him that we'll pay him in cookies if he helps us with our garden, okay?

Margie: Only if you use your own money to buy the cookies, Edna.

Edna: Does that mean you're buying the seeds, you cheapskate?

Margie: Sure, Edna, if you can loan me some cash.

Edna: Oh good Lord, I am not getting into this argument with you in front of our readers! I swan, Margie, sometimes you have the manners of a toad. Just call Cousin T and we'll talk about this later, you hear me?


Starving Artist said...

The girl on that Burpee magazine cover looks a lot like a picture of a Victorian girl drinking Coca-Cola we recently found from 1886.

Here is the post with the picture of her.
This Week In History: Mar. 29 - Apr. 4

☆Willa☆ said...

good luck to your spring garden and as a regular ec dropper and reader, i am giving you the Smart Blogger Award i hope you can find time to post it. :)

terocious said...

Cousin T: You don’t even have to call me. They can hear you going on about the devil’s clause half way to Rogue River this morning. In fact I darn near got into a fight after one joker said he guessed that would be a relative clause. I told him to take it back or I would curl ole Larry, Moe, Curly, Watson and Sherlock here in a huddle and give him some pulp fiction right between the eyes. He turned yella and high tailed it home. Ya’ll might be loud but I sure am fond of ya. I would help out even if there were no special Tea with my name on it.

Lidian said...

Lemon verbena is quite wonderful!

Sarah said...

Got me a hankerin' for some special tea my darn self. Just exactly what herbs are you girls plantin' anyway!

erika said...

If I bring over the seeds, how about some lettuce? Mmmmm, I love home grown lettuce. And you know I hate the smell of dirt, so if y ou fine ladies would plant it, I would be happy to eat it! :)

OldWestMom said...

I love those seed packets. So pretty!

Don't fret, ladies. I am also way behind in the planning. Actually, the outdoor work is hubby's job. I pretty much kill all things green. I just tell him what I would like to see...from a distance.

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Thank you all for dropping by today.
Starving Artist, that's a lovely post. If you're starving, though, maybe you need a new job.

Willa, you are so kind to notice us. We appreciate this award and we will make time to post it.

Cousin T: Hmm....

Lidian, I just knew you'd love that. You're a lady of superb taste. Unlike my sister.

Sarah, come visit and see.

Erika, I'll plant you some lettuce but Edna smells like dirt. Sorry.

OldWestMom, you best keep hubby over there or Edna will run off with him!

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