Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Granny's Old Sayings


Margie: Edna, I was just thinking about Granny and those sayings she used to have. Do you remember when we'd go visit and she'd say, "I've been studying on you girls." Why did she say that instead of just saying she'd been thinking about us?

Edna: I guess it was just how she knew to say it. You know, I can't say I ever thought much about why Granny said the things she did, that's just how she talked. We knew what she meant, though, even if it wasn't always how other folks would say things.

Margie: That's sure the truth. You know what one of my favorites was, Edna? When Granny misplaced something she'd say, "I can't start that bowl."

Wonder why she didn't say she couldn't find her bowl since that's what she meant?

Edna: Good Lord, Margie, why didn't you just ask the poor woman while she was alive if you were so all-fired curious? I have no idea why she used those words, but I'm guessing it's how her family talked while she was growing up.

Margie: Lord have mercy, Edna. No wonder nobody wants to have a conversation with you. All I have to say is that Granny called people "quar" if they were odd and eccentric and I'd say you're as quar as they come!


Merry said...

My granny used to call people and things "quar" too! I miss her.

Jodi said...

Sorry guys but with being as sick as I have been then having the surgery and this recovery sure is no piece of cake, I just am not able to keep up with stopping by and posting everyday. I want you to know you guys are still on my blogroll and always will be at least until Jodi's Journey is no more, because I am going to be moving on and taking her down soon, as soon as I get the other one built up enough that I can let her go, lol! Good luck in all you do and you guys really are great. God bless.


"Annie" said...

Laughing...out loud...that is funny.

My grandmother also had some funny expressions, and I'd like to add, that ya'll sure know how to turn a phrase. You write dialogue well.

Your grandmother would be proud~


satria said...

I life with my granny until i 9 years old. reading this post make me remember her. Her expression and our lovely conversation :)

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