Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where are they now? Gary Sandy

Loni Anderson, Gary Sandy, and Jan Smithers; circa 1978

Edna: Margie, do you remember that Gary Sandy from WKRP in Cincinnati? Whooee, I tell you what, I tuned in to that show every week just to watch him in his tight trousers. Mercy, and I was still a married woman then, too. I had to watch on the sly, my husband was a mite jealous. Now that I'm a single gal, I wonder what that Mr. Sandy is up to these days?

Margie: Hello friends and neighbors! You've just heard my floozy sister telling on herself.

Yes, Edna, I remember Gary. He wasn't my type. I heard he liked morons so I guess you should try to find him. Where could he find a bigger moron than you?

Edna: Margie, why must you be so hateful and insulting? You have a black heart, and that's the truth.

You know, I did some research to try and track down Mr. Sandy but he's a hard man to find. I guess he was briefly on The Young and the Restless back in 2001. His last television appearance was with Ann-Margret in 2004, in a TV movie called A Place Called Home. From what I could tell from the rest of my Internet snooping, he's been doing a lot of theater work in the last 10 years or so. Good for him, I like to see my favorite actors still doing what they loved best.

He needs to update his website, though; that thing hasn't been touched since 2003 and that's just a crying shame. I know I'm not the only WKRP fan who wants to know what he's been up to!

Gary Sandy and Loni Anderson; CBS at 75;
November 2, 2003

Currently, the first season of WKRP in Cincinnati can be seen on hulu.com. A Place Called Home, quite coincidentally, can be seen tonight at 9PM EST on The Hallmark Channel.


gLoR!e said...

it may not familiar to me but for sure they were so pretty and handsome!:) have a great day!:)

Anonymous said...

Edna, ignore Margie...it was a great show and Sandy was by far the sexist one there!

Margie :P



David said...

It appears the years have not been so kind to Gary.

PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

Wow. That 2003 picture looks nothing like the old footage of him!


Eat Well. Live Well.

Jen said...

I loved WKRP. The Turkey one is my all time favorite. I loved the shows from the 70's because it was so easy to tell the religion of the male cast members.

Mr. The Hawg said...

Wow. Gary Sandy. There's someone I haven't thought of in a couple of decades!

Hawksdomain said...

Gary Sandy was in KC a couple of months ago at the New Dinner Theatre, so we were blessed with a million commercials with him.... Let me tell you, David is so very right to say that the years have not been kind.... It took me I recognized the voice and the name, but it took me forever to figure out who he was because he had aged so much! LOL :D

Mystery Man said...

I've been watching the reruns on WGN and have been curious as to where they all are these days. Especially the little nerdy girl that was in the office. what was her name again...oh yeah, Bailey! Wonder whre she is these days.

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Hahn at Home said...

I loved the show and him too, though I liked that "nice" girl Bailey Quarters - who I think was married to James Brolin at one time - who is now married to Babs Streisand. Six degrees and all that.

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