Saturday, March 28, 2009

Passionate Bloggers


We received a very nice award last week! (Our apologies to Kat over at Candles Crafts and Whatnot for being so late in thanking her.) We do love getting all kinds of awards, but what we love best about this particular one (besides the fact that we are fond of Kat) is that we do not have to pass it along! Now, that's not because we're lazy, but because we have so many favorite blogs, it muddles our tired old brains to try and pick just a few deserving recipients. So, thank you Kat, we love our newest award!



On a side note, we'd like to take a moment to campaign for our favorite television Alpha Males, Sam and Dean Winchester. E!Online has been running an Alpha Male Madness tourney all month, and it's down to the final four. Both Sam and Dean are in these latest brackets, so we hope you get over there and vote. Apparently you can vote as often as you want, so go Team Winchester!


Shu Fen said...

hey! congrats on the award! you deserved it :DD

Dorothy said...

Congratulations and thanks for visiting our blog..

Dorothy from grammology

Mr. The Hawg! said...

Good for y'all and congratulations on the award.

As for alpha maleness, I'm so manly I won't even take orders from myself.

Ah, yeah!

Rich said...

So what do you girls think about the statement that Supernatural will conclude in the fifth season?


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