Monday, March 23, 2009

Sexy Sofa

Margie: Edna, would you look at our sofa? Our party guests must have dropped their food and drink all over it. We can clean all that but how did all these little holes get in there?

We can't afford a new couch. What can we do, Edna?

Edna: Trust you to go all fluttery over a little bit of damage, Margie. You know as good as I do that all a good solid piece of furniture needs to perk it up is to re-upholster it. I bet if we put our minds to it, we'll be able to find some nifty fabric choices online.

Margie: What a good idea, Edna. Let's get something bright and cheerful. The room could stand some pep. Let's start looking.

Edna: I think we should go with something tasteful and timeless. I feel sure that you'll agree, since you claim to be such a lady and all.

Margie: Here it is, Edna. I want this for the sofa, my bedroom, and my bathroom. What do you think ?


Edna: Margie, that's so typical of you; you won't rest until you've hussied up the whole house, will you? You can do what you want for your own bedroom, but it's just not decent having half-nekkid men on the sofa fabric.

Okay...if I agree to pinup fabric for the sofa, then you're going to have to pay for it out of your own money. I won't contribute to the delinquency of our sitting room.

Margie: I'll gladly pay for you to shush.

Let's see... I need enough for a bedspread and a shower curtain. I'm going shopping, Edna.

Edna: You'd best be shopping with your own money, you freeloader! You hear me?


Mike Riley said...

M & E -

For what it's worth, the cowboy design reminds me of a "sexed up" version of something I had as a kid. Creepy and reassuring at the same time. I like it!

Congrats on yer one-year anniversary. Sorry I missed the soiree...


Lidian said...

Goodness gracious, wherever did you find that fabric? It is really - something! :)

Lou said...

Happy 1st yr anniversary! Thank you for the comment about my new haircut, I got tired of looking like an old lady. :-)


wiregems said...

Margie, I'm with you--I think we should have as many "half-nekkid" men as possible around to look at! When you're done with your bedspread and shower curtain, if you have any leftover material, you can surely send it my way!

Merry said...

If you have any left over fabric, please send it my way. Love it.

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Thank you all for dropping by and commenting. I knew you'd all love my fabric. I do believe I have some left which I'll happily share with anyone who likes my choice.

Wiregems, you are a classy, refined lady such as myself. You know a good thing when you see it.

Merry, you're another one who knows how to make an intelligent choice.

Just wait because my old sister will be sneaking around trying to see this nice fabric and she'll never admit she likes it too.

Judy said...

Nuthin' like half nekkid cowboys with pick 'em up trucks. bedroom needs drapes and a bedspread too. Wonder who posed fer dem pitchers???

Cactus Jack Splash said...

You forgot that about wallpapering your rooms with it, cloth makes nice wall coverings too.

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