Thursday, March 26, 2009

Make Your Own Holiday Day

Margie: My word, Edna, look at this.

"Today is your day to skip all of the red tape, bypass all of the effort, and create a special day of any kind. Simply declare your special day on Make Your Own Holiday Day!"

I, Margie, do hereby proclaim this day as Be Kind To Margie Day. Edna, could you get me a cup of coffee and some cookies? Oh, and a nice blanket to put over my knees too.

Edna: Pfff, just because YOU say it's a holiday doesn't mean I have to abide by it. You can just be kind to yourself.

Now, I like the sound of Eat Nothing But Chocolate Day. Whooee, there's a holiday I can get behind!

Margie: Edna, that's a holiday that will make your behind bigger. Maybe we should make a holiday that doesn't revolve around food.

How about Ogle A Muscular Man Day?

Edna: Margie, that's the first sensible thing you've said all day! You go round up some liquid refreshment and I'll go round up the muscular men, and we'll make a day of it. Sound good?

Margie: Sister, maybe you could join Mensa with that idea! I'll get the refreshments.

Edna: You know, maybe we'd better extend the holiday until tomorrow, in case I don't make it back by tonight with the muscular men. Don't wait up for me, Margie.

Margie: Floozy.

"Charles Atlas and Admirers-1924"
Photo courtesy of The New York Times Photo Archives


Sarah said...

Is there a muscular man store? And do those refreshments come with chocolate?

Lidian said...

How about we look at the guys while we eat some chocolate?

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Ladies, all refreshments come with chocolate!

Sarah, there is a muscular man store. Come to Jericho.

Martha A. Cheves said...

I think that making your own holiday is a splendid idea. I'm going to FL 4/2 for 2 book signings and will be free on Sunday. I'm declaring Sunday 4/5 and my own holiday!
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Charles Atlas is a registered trademark of Charles Atlas, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

WebbieLady said...

Ogle a muscular man day? That is indeed a very brilliant idea! That photos was in 1924? Oh wow! I believe I was not even forecasted to be delivered in this world by then. ^^

Mr. The Hawg said...

Good idea, creating your own holiday and all.

I'll get to work on International Send The Hawg a Sack of Money Day!

Work at Home Mom said...

Anonymous is such a party pooper, isn't she? She never has anything positive to say. ;)

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