Monday, October 13, 2008

We Get Sentimental

Margie: Edna, I must be getting feeble-minded because I'm going to tell you something I've never told you before. You best be nice or I'll never tell you anything else ever.

It was 1940 and I was out with my beau. Your beau had taken you to a moving picture. You know Daddy made us come home early if we went out? Well, my beau and I lost track of time so I got home well past curfew. I knew my tushie was in big trouble so I needed to find a way to sneak into the house.

I was peeking in windows to see if I could get in when my eyes beheld the most amazing sight. I heard music and then I saw them. Edna, Mama and Daddy were dancing! Yes, I said Daddy. They never knew what time I got home that night and that's why you didn't get in trouble either.

Listen, Edna. Here's what they were playing.

Edna: Oh Margie, what a sweet memory of Mama and Daddy! Thank you for sharing it with me, I always knew that Daddy was a softy.

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