Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Old Sears Catalog


Margie: Edna, come look what Cousin T bought us at the flea market. He found an old Sears catalog. This sure brings back a lot of memories. Remember all the uses Mama could find for a Sears catalog?

Edna: My lands, I sure do. Mama sure was resourceful, wasn't she? I remember how she used to wrap Christmas presents in the pages when times were tight.

Margie: She sure did and she'd use some pages to start the morning fire. Mama always wanted the house to be warm when we got out of bed.

It sure wasn't fun using those pages in the outhouse though. My behind was always... never mind.

Edna: You always give our readers too much information, Margie.

Margie: Lawsy me, Edna. Look here. Remember when we ordered these pretty slips? They don't make them like this anymore. Look at that price!

Edna: I know, and those slips lasted for years, didn't they? Longer than some of your marriages, anyway.

Margie: Dear readers, I'm not talking to this moron. I want to say to you all that I have fond memories of the Sears catalog and the main reason is because I cut the models out and made paperdolls. I hope you all have happy memories like this.

Edna: I bet they do. You know Margie, I'm an old woman, you need to get to the point faster next time.



terocious said...

Mainly, I just like lookin' at all the well made merchadise and comparing the prices to the inferior products nowadays. It used to be you could even buy a prefabricated house from the Sears catalog. I never seen one of them Sears houses but I think it is safe to say the quality pro'ly has some of what's built today beat. Anyways that is true in our neck of the woods.

-Cousin T

PJ said...

oh my goodness, flashback or
back in the 70's we found a 1950 sears catalog in our attic. i wonder what ever happened to that. it was cool back then to look at it, it would be awesome now. thanks for sharing.

Lidian said...

What a treasure that catalog is! I love this sort of thing so much, it's a treat to see.

Signe said...

I love that pic!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

NICE!!!!!!!! ha haa!!

Taylor Blue said...

What 90 cents for a eyes must be bad!

Anonymous said...

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