Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Special Tea Award

Over the course of our relatively short blogging career, we've had a number of people come visit us here at the Basement. Many people leave comments, and we thank you all, since we always love to hear what our readers have to say. But there are some individuals who are unfailingly kind, humorous, and enthusiastic when commenting on our blog. To honor them, we have come up with this:


We are giving this award to the following bloggers: Maitri, glor!e, Lidian, and Mr. The Hawg. They are talented bloggers in their own right, and are just really nice people. We think that it's always a good thing to recognize kindness as well as excellence, and we hope they appreciate this award.

Unlike most blogging awards, there are no rules with this one. It does not need to be passed along (unless the recipient wants to), nor is it necessary to link back to us or even post it on your blog. We just want you to lift a virtual cup of special tea, think fun thoughts, and enjoy your award.

Please know that this is not a one-time-only award. We'll be giving this award out periodically in the future, since there are other people we'd like to honor for their support and good humor. So keep watching, you might see your name on the next awards list!


Lidian said...

Thank you SO much, Margie and Edna! I am honored and touched...and how did you know that I do love a good cup of tea?

Mr. The Hawg said...

Thank you very much, ladies! I appreciate the award. Make mine either hot Earl Gray or some of that cheap Lipton's with plenty of ice and sugar.

modern mom said...

what a great way to give back to your friends. i hope i can join the tea time too ;)


Maitri Libellule said...

Thank you so much you lovely dear souls! I love the award and will post it on my blog with a link, high praise, and a certain amount of shenanigans on my blog when I get home. I'm babysitting my 4 year old grandson just now.

Of course the pugs will wonder why they didn't get an award and the parrots will have no end of complaints because they weren't mentioned but Vincent, the beta fish will just think deep philosophical thoughts on the matter and won't bother you one bit. It can't be said, however, that I shall behave quite as well.

To my two favorite girls... :o)


Margie and Edna said...

Margie: You are such deserving people. Lidian, your blogs are wonderful. I collect ephemera myself.

Mr. the Hawg, our Special Tea will give you a good vacation. Pass out on us.

Modern Mom, have a cup. You're a friend too.

Maitri, you behave yourself. Can you keep a secret? Pugs don't want tea. They told me they much prefer kisses so I'm sending a ton of them. Same for the parrots.

Can I send Edna too????

The Name said...

Put up my post about this dandy award right here.

Thanks again!

Mr. The Hawg said...

Oops. Not sure what went wrong with that last post. Why did I show up as "The Name." Odd.

Again, here's the award post.

Laurie said...

That's cool! I should create my own award too :) It is really awesome to recognize your friends and readers.

Lux said...

Congratulations to all the recipients of your lovely award. :)

gLoR!e said...

I just arrived from out of town again where i lost my connection there and i just read this award! THANK YOU SO MUCH!:) the thoughts is so overwhelming despite that i am always not around here..i will post this later..:)

Thanks again!:)

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