Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Margie's Marvelous Movies

Margie: I've seen a lot of movies in my day and I love the old ones best. Give me a good love story or some manly men or a little something scary and I'm happy.

I want to share with you four of my all time favorite movies and you really should try to see them.

Waterloo Bridge (1940)


Who can resist Robert Taylor and don't I wish I looked like Vivien Leigh? This is a tearjerker you'll love.

Magic (1978)


Who knew what Anthony Hopkins would go to become? He is fabulous in this film.

The Enchanted Cottage (1945)


Look at Robert Young. Yummy. This is such a delightful love story.

Rich and Famous (1981)


This movie shows what Edna and I would be like together if we liked each other.

1 comment:

Lidian said...

These all look great - thanks for sharing these favorites! They are going on my to-see list (I love old movies, and Anthony Hopkins IS fabulous, isn't he?)

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