Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Margie gets the munchies


Margie's top five snack foods

1. Chocolate- anything chocolate. If Edna is around, though, you best keep chocolate locked up or it will disappear. Edna eats chocolate like a goat eats grass.

2. Peanuts- parched like Mama used to make in the oven. I can't chew so good these days but I parch the peanuts, shell them, put them in a plastic bag, then Cousin T comes with his hammer and mushes them for me. They're easy to eat then.

3. Popcorn- My favorite is the kind Edna and I pop over the fire. It's old-fashioned but tasty. We sometimes have to pop extra because it goes so well with Special Tea.

4. Crackers- any kind. I like pretty crackers like those Ritz ones. Sometimes I just take my teeth out and gum the suckers.

5. Prunes- After eating so many snacks it's usually time to stew and eat some prunes. All those snacks can really get you clogged. Besides, Edna hates them so I can eat all I want without hiding them.

Have I made anybody hungry?


gLoR!e said...

i like those one of your favorite but the least is prunes..its so yummy all those munchies! a bunch is not enough to get me tonsillitis..hehe

happy tuesday both!:)

Laura-Junkfoodaholic.com said...

Everything but the prunes. Gross! I love to eat popcorn along with some Milk Duds. Yum! :)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

You've made me hungry, but then again, it's lunch time.

Snacks I like are:

1. M&Ms--the peanut kind
2. anything with peanut butter
3. Barbeque Potato Chips
4. Granny Smith Apples
5. Werthers/Life Savers
6. Veggies
7. Prepared Snack Foods like Hot Pockets, Egg Rolls, Pizza Bites, etc found commonly in the grocery store frozen department
8. Bananas
9. Cereal--Any kind, dry
10. Popsicles or other frozen ice cream bars.

Custom Blog Designs said...

I was hungry til I got to prunes! lol!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

The chocolate makes me hungry. Maybe the popcorn if it has lots of butter. My favorite snack is Cheetos. Have a great day. :)

DineometerDeb said...

Margie this gives me hope. If you eat foods like that and have lived as long as you have, I am never eating tofu again!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yep, you've made me hungry. And I was fighting the urge before I stopped in!

Davida said...

That picture was definitely enticing. I think the only thing on the list that I can fit in my diet is popcorn. No butter... no salt... plain popcorn.

Preston said...

You missed my chocolate contest but I am glad to say that there were no chocolate prunes!

JD at I Do Things said...

I was hungry till you mentioned prunes! And I had never heard of roasted peanuts being called "parched." That makes me thirsty. For peanuts!

JD at I Do Things

ImitationAngel said...

CHOCOLATE! Forget diamonds I'll take chocolate as my best friend any day. Now I'm hungry and I'm not even paying attention to the prunes lol.

tahtimbo said...

Yes, now I'm starving. I have never had popcorn popped over a fire...you are so lucky:)

Hannah Noel said...

Haha you had me on the chocolate and popcorn... not so much on the prunes!!! ;)

THAT girl

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