Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Remembering American Bandstand

Bandstand began as a local program on WFIL-TV (now WPVI), Channel 6 in Philadelphia on October 7, 1952. Then it was hosted by Bob Horn and was called Bob Horn's Bandstand. On July 9 of 1956 the show got a new host, a clean-cut 26 year old named Dick Clark. When ABC picked the show up, it was renamed American Bandstand, airing its first national show on August 5, 1957.


Ellen said...

American Bandstand....aaaah yes!!! What a wonderful show that was. I watched it all the time!!!

Jack said...

I had no idea American Bandstand was still going on during the 80s. Nice little video on its history. Thanks.

Mr. The Hawg said...

Here's a memory for you. In 1979 (I believe) Public Image Limited was on American Bandstand to "play" a couple of songs from their "Tin Box" album.

The fact that any of those discordant, hard-as-nails songs were aired on American Bandstand was odd enough, of course. However, Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) made the whole experience even stranger by refusing to lip sync much at all.

Instead, he started pulling audience members out on the dance floor and spent the bulk of his time dancing with the crowd.

Funny stuff...

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