Thursday, October 16, 2008

Margie and Edna: Boss's Day

Margie: Edna, did you know it's Boss's Day? I'm glad we don't have bosses anymore. I love being retired.

Your old boss at the Salt Mine sure deserves a prize though. Remember how you convinced him that part of your job was to look nice? The old fool paid for your beauty parlor trips and all your makeup and perfume.

Edna: Bless his heart, he always was a bit gullible. Remember when you got promoted to head librarian at the library, and you got to boss everyone else around? You had all those other librarians running scared.

Margie: You know me, Edna. I had to scare them because I'm just an old tender-hearted class act. I didn't want them taking advantage.

Who was your favorite boss, Edna?

Edna: "Tender-hearted class act"?? Surely you must be thinking of someone else, you wouldn't know tender-hearted if it sat up and introduced itself.

My favorite boss was the kind old man who ran the patisserie where I worked when I was a girl living in France. He made the best cakes, and he let me take home all the petit fours I wanted. Now THAT was a tender-hearted class act. Who was your favorite boss, Margie?

Margie: Edna, your nose just grew a foot for lying. We all know no girl of Daddy's lived in France. You did spend a summer in Paris, Texas working as a waitress.

My favorite boss was the kind man who owned the dime store where I worked. I liked him because he had a handsome son who would escort me home every day when I got off work. I could tell you stories, Edna.

Edna: Margie, I don't want to hear your lying stories and I don't think our readers do, either. You can just sit right there while I go get my passport out of my vanity table. Then I'll expect an apology from you.

Margie: Here comes the fake passport again. Oh well, by the time she gets back she'll have forgotten why she went to get it anyway.

Edna: Forget it sister, I don't have to stay and listen to this, I'm going to go down to Bailey's Tavern. You can go suck eggs.

Margie: Told you she'd forget.

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Frogs in my formula said...

I fully support bossiness as a means to not get stampeded by others. Especially when you're "tender-hearted." Heehee.

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