Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cousin T Visits The Basement


We are so happy to have our Cousin T visiting us today. He would come spend summers with us when he was just a tadpole. He's moved to Jericho Junction now so he can visit more often. (Keep the Special Tea out of his reach, Edna.)

Margie: Cousin T, you live at Jericho Junction now so you can visit us much more often. I'll give you some Special Tea to take back home with you. Now, you just sit down and tell us what's going on in town.

It is true the junction is just a hop, skip and a jump from here but sometimes it can be very difficult to get all them things in the right order to wind you up where you want to be. I love it in your basement though. Your root cellar was my second home when I was a kid. I love how it can be 95 degree outside but stay a nice cool 62 down here. Do you remember that time the twister sirens went off while my sister Sadie and I were over for supper and we all rushed down here and when we emerged that old oak down the hill was on it's side with half of it's root canopy sticking out of the ground? Oaks is some strong trees too.

You ladies should know better than me what is going on in Jericho though. I only get a call when one'a Beck's guys kicks in a door and they need someone to fix it.

Margie: Mr. Hawkins gave us new computers but these new-fangled contraptions confuse us. What should we look up on the innerweb, Cousin T.?

My feeling is it doesn't matter what you are looking up so much as how you are doing it. I got me laptop too and what I really like to do is to start a fire outside in the burn barrel using some of them scraps from my carpentry job and then sit around all night tending it and listening to baseball and sniffing around online finding stuff Like THIS fella who plays a really nice harp. I like the way his eyes go all glassy when he play's.

Margie: Edna wants to go to the carnival. Do you have a car? Maybe you could take us?

That reminds me of one of my favorite songs. Most people think I am weird for liking THIS guy but I think his singing is kind of pretty. Just try to ignore how that ocean is going back and forth like that. It is a nice shot of the ocean I just wish it was a little longer.

Sure we can all go to the Sharptown carnival in my truck. I love the Tilty world.

Edna: Cousin T, we love having you come to visit us, but you don't come around often enough! What could we talk about here on our blog that would make you visit more?

I have an intense interest in cabinet hardware so if you talked about that more it would be good. Also, I intend to learn a little bit more about greek mythology so maybe if you threw in something about birds flying out of a crack in somebodies head or a three headed dog or the like.

Mostly you know, I am like a bad penny though, I always turn up.

Edna: Margie stores some precious things down in the basement, and she's worried about them getting out---er, someone stealing them. I know you're good with carpentry and wood-working, can you suggest some ways that we might make the basement door more secure?

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a dead bolt. Them normal locks you can pick with a credit card or, as someone tried to do at my house, a 2 foot square. I found it all bent up on my back porch when I got home late one night. The very next day I installed me a dead bolt. This fella I know has a dead bolt installed in his front door has one of them remote controls like to open your car cept this one opens his house. I guess you would call that a live bolt. I would also suggest Miss Margie take out some four legged insurance. Most thieves hear a dog and see a dead bolt they just keep on trucking.

Can I have more of this Tea?

We would like to thank Margaret at EyeSpi20 for making us one of her favorite blogs of the week.


AmyV said...

How lovely of Cousin T to stop by. A definite family resemblance.. lol

Balceroregontr said...

Cousin T is a hoot.
Debby from SC

Margie and Edna said...

Look who dropped by the basement! My two favorite people. Thank goodness Edna went to that hopeless beauty parlor.

Cousin T sure is a chip off the old blockhead. That's what we called his daddy. He's a hoot alright and he'll be back to see us soon.

Thank you both for dropping in.

ettarose said...

I love this blog. I have you on my favorites on entrecard, and now I have put you in a link love story at my blog. Stop by if you want to read a kookie story.

Margie and Edna said...

Great story, ettarose. Thank you for including us. Also, thanks for dropping by the basement. Do come by again.

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