Friday, April 18, 2008

Fox's Earth


Margie: Edna would have you believe she's the only one who enjoys reading but she isn't. She recently wrote a book report about a book she'd read but I'm writing a review. Edna thinks she's still a schoolgirl.

This is my favorite book and I've read a plenty. You'll love this one too.

Anne Rivers Siddons has written a riveting novel about obsession, power, and manipulation. (No, the book is not about Edna). The main character is Ruth Yancey. Ruth is the daughter of an insane father who preaches and abuses his wife and a mother who believes Ruth is destined for great things. Ruth's mother tells her that her feminine sexuality is Ruth's way out of abuse and poverty.

One day, Ruth spies the Georgia mansion owned by the wealthy Fox family. It's called "Fox's Earth" and decides she will have it. Eventually, she wins the heart of Paul Fox whose parents own the house. She ensnares him as well as his parents. Ruth then begins to transform herself into a true Southern belle with proper manners. The uneducated Ruth is left behind and the new Ruth is a sadist who intends to rule Fox's Earth. Ruth's is a story of greed, madness and murder.

She manipulates her husband and in-laws and begins a campaign to gain complete control over all who live in Fox's Earth.(Guess Edna gave her lessons). The best part of the story is about the relationship Ruth has with her children and grandchildren and with her servant, Rip.

As Ruth's grandchildren grow older, Ruth finds herself losing her control. Ruth cannot lose control so becomes more dangerous.(Think Edna and her sword).

I cannot possibly do justice to this book here. It spans decades and it is incredible. It is also the only book I have read more than twice. Take my word for it and read it for yourself.


Carol's Internet Marketing Blog said...

That sounds like an interesting book. I love to read. I really like reading your blog. I don't really know what kind of flower it is but it thrives in cold weather. It is the first flower that I have seen that blooms in cold. I just love flowers. Thanks for the comment.

Margie and Edna said...

You're welcome, Carol. And thanks for visiting our blog. :)

It looked like the camellias my parents have in their yard down in Florida, which is why I asked.

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