Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tag: You're It

Rich at Copywrite Ink got tagged to do 7 useless facts about himself then he tagged 12 great blogs to participate if they so chose. He chose us as one of his 12 and why wouldn't he? He loves the basement and Special Tea.

Anyway, we will offer the blogs we tag the option of participating or not. You are certainly under no obligation to do anything two little old ladies request. We hope you enjoy our little tag game.

Our 7 Useless Facts:

1. Margie: This is the most useless fact I have. I have a sister named Edna.

2. Edna: I was a paramour of Minnesota Fats for a time in my youth, and he taught me everything I know about playing pool. This is why the pool players down at Bailey’s turn and run when they see me coming.

3. Margie: I was the librarian for Jericho for more years than I care to mention. This is why I'm smarter than Edna.

4. Edna: As a girl, I spent a year in Paris, France. If you want more details about that, I understand there are quite a few in my FBI file.

5. Margie: I have a weakness for a handsome cowboy. Any handsome cowboy. Well, he doesn't have to be a cowboy.

6. Edna: The name “Edna” is of Hebrew origin and means “pleasure” or “delight”, which is certainly accurate since I’m such a pleasure to be around.

7. Margie: I have a dog named Arabelle. One of my gentlemen friends, Jonah Prowse, gave her to me.

Here are the blogs we'd like to tag:

Turnip Of Power

Pixelated Thoughts


The Sewing Mom

On The Bricks



Jasmine Shanea said...

Sure Margie and Edna, I'll follow on the tag! :) Besides, you two are one of my regular entrecard drop stops! :) Have a great week ahead!

Danny said...

Of course. =]

Lynne said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm slow, but I did get my post done today! :-D

The Sewing Mom

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