Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Plans


Edna: Margie, Easter is this Sunday. I hope you've already done your shopping for my Easter basket, don't you forget that I like those Creme eggs.

Margie: Go buy you some then. Look at my Easter bonnet. I just finished it. Lawsy me, it took me near 2 months to get it just perfect. Where's yours, dingbat?

Edna: Who cares about your stupid hat? You always put together some over-flowered monstrosity, then people sitting behind us in church always complain to me about it because they can't see Pastor preaching the Sunday Easter service.

Margie: You're just jealous, Edna, like Sister Flora. I know she's the one who admires my hat so she badmouths me. I would have thought you'd appreciate how dignified I always look in my hats.

Edna: Margie, the only way you could look dignified in that hat is if you left that hat at home.

You know, we should put together an Easter basket for Cousin T, that boy is so good to us. He deserves a reward for all the times he drops everything and comes running just because you've got a yen to go to the store.

Margie: Moron, you run him all over town looking for your stinky lotions and powders too.

I'm going to boil a dozen eggs and decorate them for him. He has always loved painted eggs. Should we put a hammer in his basket so he can crack the eggs?

Edna: We can put a hammer in the basket because he likes hammers, you idiot.

Lord, give me strength.


RNSANE said...

I know you ladies are going to be just beautiful, decked out in your Easter finery, bonnet or not. I think I will just do my praying from hone, sipping a mint julep. All three of my sons will be in Las Vegas, along with about a dozen friends, for the bachelor party of my middle son, Alex, who gets married May 7. I saw that movie, "Hangover" and I'm afraid they may lose him somewhere along the way. He isn't much of a drinker! I can't believe he's my flesh and blood!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

You two go to church? Do they let you in with the Margiedales?

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