Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pistol Patent Day


Margie: Edna, you best move along because I'll be cleaning my pistol today. Would you like to know why?

Edna: Oh Lord. Which of our neighbors have annoyed you now?

Margie: Never you mind but I'll handle it. I had some ideas about a gun for old ladies so I'm going to patent it. Nobody will ever mistreat us old ladies ever again.

Oh, I'll be rich too.

Edna: And I suppose you've got funds set aside to pay the patent fees? I only ask because I've canceled my credit card and the bank knows not to let you anywhere near my account.

Margie: Lying liar. Let's go to Bailey's and see if you can beat some old fools in pool then YOU can pay the fees.

Edna: Only if you leave that pistol at home, sister.


Grampy said...

Pistol packing Mama. That is so cool.

Doctor Faustroll said...

Sounds more interesting than the health care summit. Bring me back a Boehner.

RNSANE said...

Who are you going to use for target practice?

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