Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Family Tree


Margie: Edna, the Kansas winters are so harsh and we seldom are able to go out anywhere. Being cooped up inside all winter is no fun at all. I must say, though, that I'm glad you had the idea of us doing our family tree this winter. It's been fun.

I do have one concern, Edna. I've run across some relatives that have made me realize that part of our tree is a nut tree. What will we do about that?

Edna: I don't think there's anything much we can do about that now, Margie, unless you want to build yourself a DeLorean time machine like in that movie. You know, Mama and Daddy were so genteel, I was mighty surprised by some of our ancestors. Remember how we found out about Mean Joe Callahan, the wiliest con man this side of the Mississippi? I swan, the amount of money he swindled out of good, decent folks, it's just scandalous.

You know, I'm not sure we can hold our heads high in town anymore if any of this gets out.

Margie: That's what worries me, Edna, is this getting out. Look what I found. You think Mean Joe was scandalous? How about our ancestor, Naughty Nellie? She was a saloon girl in Oklahoma.

My stars! I'm not sure I know what some of these words mean but it says here that she was a paramour of Jesse James and assorted other cowboys.

Maybe she wasn't so bad after all?

Edna: Oh good grief, trust you to find the floozy in the bunch! I guess that's where you get your...ahem...fondness for cowboys from.

You know, I think part of genealogy is knowing when to quit looking. What do you say we just tell everyone we're descended from royalty and leave it at that?

Margie: I surely am fond of cowboys, Edna. Oops. my mind wandered.

I think you're right and we'd best quit. Let's just say we're descended from Princess Nellie.

Edna: Sounds good to me!


Dorothy L said...

Hello....I hear you in regards to long winters and all indoor sports as I lived in Northern Canada for most of my life.

I agree with your end results in the Family Tree...after all...who will actually check...who would know!

Have a great day.

storybeader said...

always come by but stop only once in a while. Had to tell you, I love your family tree!

Lidian said...

Miss Margie and Miss Edna -

Your family tree sounds like my dear (and very ladylike) grandma's relations. She never talked about them, and when I grew up I found out that this was because a few of them were the Brooklyn equivalents of your Mean Joe Callahan and Princess Nellie.

Maybe we are related ;)

Jade Meng said...

A beautiful tree and you are really humorous. I heard my forefather was the co-founder of our country and the administrator of building the most important construction, so when I was very poor, I still think I am a princess.

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DineometerDeb said...

Hey we all have nut jobs in our family trees. Nothing to be ashamed of, they make family reunions much more interesting.

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