Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Friday: Rise and Shine

Margie: Friends, I'd like to share one of my pet peeves with you today and I'm sure some of you can relate. You see, there is not much that makes me madder than somebody laying piled up in the bed while I try to clean this house. It's just pure laziness and Mama didn't teach us to be like that.

Never fear, friends, I have found the remedy for those lazy folk. The next time you need to get somebody out of the bed, you go turn on this video and watch them shake that booty. Lawsy, it worked for me this morning.

Edna came a charging out of her bedroom bellowing like a stuck hog. If you've never seen Edna first thing of a morning then count yourself lucky. She looks like a haint from that Supernatural show.

Go ahead. Turn up the volume now. Rise and shine!


Margie and Edna said...

Edna: The only reason it worked for you, you old goat, is because you were stomping right along to the music just outside my bedroom door at 5AM! My lands, you were making enough noise to wake the dead, and you know Deputy Jimmy had to come out because all the neighbors called in noise complaints.

Lordy, Mama always said you had the manners of a toad, and wasn't she right??

Meghann said...

I know this would work - the music is not at ALL to my hubby's tastes - he just asked me what the heck I was watching on my laptop...though maybe not with such polite words, lol.
I have to bookmark this one for sure!

Jude said...

I love your blog and read it often and I love that you two are such good friends and can make it seem so real. Yes,I read your post awhile back that explained the relationship and you aren't real sisters, but the whole concept seems so real and realistic and I'd hate to lose your blog it's so entertaining.

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Edna, why don't you show our readers what a nasty person you are? Never mind, you just did.

Meghann, if hubby hates it then play it often. Like when dishes need washed or laundry done. LOL

Jude, thank you so much.We're happy that you visit and understand our reality. You won't lose us- well, not unless a manly cowboy comes to take me away!

Skitto and Peanut said...

Have a great weekend ladies.

Rick Vaughn said...

Haha, I have to admit this at the right volume would be better then a fire alarm. Nice find Margie!

PJ said...

i would love to do that! thanks ladies, that was awesome!

Polly said...

This is so funny! I just love your stories about the antics of Margie and Edna. They remind me of two of my aunts! This blog is a hoot.

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