Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's all enjoy a little Pink Lemonade


It has been quite some time since we've handed out our Special Tea Award, and today we'd like to talk about a blogger who certainly deserves it. Not too long ago, Liz at the Pink Lemonade of Life blog bought ad space on our Entrecard widget. She had been trying to schedule her ad to run on a weekday, and she specifically did NOT want it to run on Sunday. We understood completely; we know that EC traffic is lower on the weekends, and if you're going to shell out the kind of EC credits it takes these days to advertise on our blog, we certainly want you to get your credit's worth. Finally, she managed to time her ad purchase so that she landed in our line-up on a Friday, and she was very happy. However, by the time her ad actually came due to run, issues beyond her control (i.e., trouble with the ad switchover in our widget not occurring in a timely manner) had pushed her ad to run on the exact day she didn't want: Sunday! We told her that we'd understand if she canceled her ad, and we certainly wouldn't hold it against her. But not only did she let that ad run on a Sunday, but she has since purchased another ad to run next week.

For her perseverance, good humor, and grace under fire, our friend Liz at the Pink Lemonade of Life blog is hereby awarded Margie and Edna's Special Tea Award. There are no rules associated with this award, and you do not have to pass it on to anyone. All you have to do is enjoy it, knowing that we hold you in the highest of esteem. Congrats!



Shelly said...

Well. Congrats to her on the award and I learned a lot here. I've never even thought about "timing" my purchased ads. Now with all the purchased ads, I can't even keep up with what's running where, lol.

Pink Lemonade Liz said...

Thank you so very much ladies!!

I am so honored - your blog is awesome and I can't wait to see what you've written every morning.

I'll display it in my trophy case proudly.

Lidian said...

I always enjoy a little Pink Lemonade in my day too! Congrats Liz, you deserve it! :)

flavoredmom said...

Don't you love it when people are good sports? Well done!

LizzyT said...

What a lovely gesture! Congratulations to Pink Lemonade on receiving such a prestigious award.

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