Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Margie and the Widowers

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Margie: I declare, Edna, the obits are nothing but bad news. Maybe I shouldn't read them every morning but I do believe we should all pay our condolences to the family.

Look here. See? Here are 3 ladies from church who passed on just yesterday. I need to make some cookies and Special tea and go pay my condolences to the families today. You know, those poor husbands will be like lost ships.

Edna: Oh my, that is a shame. I must say, Margie, it's awfully sweet of you to be concerned. Maybe I should bake up some cobbler and go with you on some condolence calls, it would be the neighborly thing to do.

Margie: That's right kindly of you, Edna, but we don't want to crowd the folks. I'll be glad to take your cobbler and tell the folks you sent it.

Edna: Margie, I would not dream of sending you off alone on those calls, it just wouldn't be right for only one of us to go. Unless...there's some other reason you don't want me to go?

Margie: You caught me, Edna. I'll tell the truth. I'm worried about your health. You know, dear, how your allergies cause you to suffer and we just don't know what might be lurking in those houses.

Why don't you take a nap and let me take care of this for us?

Edna: I'm on to you, you hussy! I have known you for too long to fall for your fake consideration and sympathy. You just want to prey on those unsuspecting widowers, don't you? For shame, Margie, for shame!

Margie: Forevermore, sister, you do need to go to bed. You're delusional.

I'll be on my way to do some preying, I mean, praying. Good day, sister.


shengy said...

hi was here

ShedLife said...


Karen said...

Have you ever noticed how quick some widowers swoop in? They don't wait around! LOL

RE Ausetkmt said...

Have Mercy,,
You gals are a real mess LOL

Angie R said...

I have been reading your post almost everyday. You two really crack me up!! Keep it up! :-) Angie

Blues City Radio said...

I don't get to this blog often enough.

You guys just crack me up every time!

Chasing new widowers indeed!


Miriam said...

I like the way Margie thinks! LOL.. go get'em girl :)

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