Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exclusive: Jennie Sword Visits The Basement


Margie and Edna are pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Jennie Sword. Jennie is known quite fondly to "Jericho" fans as "Townie Jennie," an extra on the CBS series. She was kind enough recently to sit down and answer questions from two nosy old ladies. Thank you, Jennie!


Edna: Jennie dear, you remind me so much of someone who lives here in Jericho, although we haven't seen much of her lately. There was this quiet young lady, very sweet, who used to wander around town—you usually saw her in crowds and such. You two look an awful lot alike, you wouldn't happen to be related to her, would you?

Jennie: You must be talking about my cousin Jessie! Yeah, my grandmother always said we look alike. I hope she's well. You know she's been through a lot in that town. Getting caught up in mortar attacks and battles with her neighboring town and all. She's a sweet person who tries to help others when she can. We gotta get her away from her horses and helping those nice people long enough to find her a good boyfriend. Would be nice for the girl to have someone nice to lean on after all she's been through there.

Margie: Miss Jennie, when Edna and I come visit you in California, what favorite spots of yours would you like to show us? Could you take us to meet April Parker-Jones and all the single gentlemen you know?

Jennie: Oh, yes April and I would love to take you ladies to a nice lunch or dinner. I'd love to take you to places like Griffith Park Observatory and surrounding areas there like the Equestrian Center. Do you ladies like horses? I could take you riding. We could go to the beach and there are several botanical gardens I know of that I think you both would love. Lots of museums too. The Huntington Gardens has both a museum and huge botanical garden and an English tea room I think you'd enjoy. We could go to the Getty Museum and the Getty Villa. Maybe take in a good play at a nice theatre. There are plenty of Hollywood "hot spots" we could take you to if you want to enjoy some nightlife. There's a lot we could do!

Single men? Well, there's plenty of them here but the good ones are hard to find because they are usually already taken or gay or when you think you find a good one, often they end up having some kind of "issues" that need some work but there are some random gems hidden around here. So maybe with some luck we can find a couple of those gems for you ladies to meet!

Edna: My sister and I are great fans of creative people. I understand that you are an actress, but do you have any other creative outlets? Is there anything in particular that you're working on now?

Jennie: Oh Edna, I have many! I've explored several of my creative sides from painting and drawing to doing digital visual effects to dancing but currently, I enjoy writing screenplays, playing score music on piano and doing nature and art photography. I also enjoy my garden which I find is also a creative outlet. I have a thing for the English cottage style gardens so I like to play around with that. I've been doing a little of all of those things lately. I recently had a new idea for a screenplay so I wrote an outline for it. I'm also taking up archery but that's more of a sport I'd say. I stay pretty busy!

Margie: Jennie, I was once told I could be a movie star but things didn't work out. When you make a movie who would you most like to have as your male lead? Do you think I could still make it in the movies?

Jennie: Hands down - Johnny Depp! I've loved his acting since I can remember. I think he's so naturally gifted and he takes risks and does things his way which is a lot like I tend to do. I love his choices on which projects he wants to be involved in. He'd be so fun to work with. So creative - I think he would understand my way of working and thinking. He's the coolest thing since sliced bread! Talented, beautiful, an amazing father and partner to his girl. Inspiring all around.

Oh yes Margie, it's never ever ever too late to follow a dream! Dreams happen at any time in life. Dreams can evolve. Whether it's a new dream or a life long dream you should go for it!!! Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and in what you want to do and put your heart and mind to it and work for it. You have to love yourself too! Know that you deserve to reach that goal that your heart so desires and live in the moments that lead you there!

You are lovely ladies. Thank you for your kindness and support! Best wishes to you both!
~ Jennie ~


Mike Riley said...

M & E-

GREAT interview! I'd love to read more talks with "the stars" [or extras]. (I'd really like to see the two of you interview McCain and Obama, but I can't see either of them having the nerve to take you on!) Congrats...


AmyV said...

lol! I think Mike's totally right.

first off, great interview with Jennie. you ladies have a way of getting to the heart of the issues!

second, I agree completely with mike - McCain may have been a POW in Vietnam, but he doesn't have the guts to sit down and be grilled by Jericho's oldest residents. i guarantee it!

terocious said...

Jennie, Ma'am You are the spittin' image of Jessie!

-Cousin T

Margie and Edna said...

Thank you all for commenting. Jennie is one of our favorite people.

If McCain and Obama have the nerve to come here then we can certainly find out what inquiring minds want to know!

Miss Amy, you know how we can drag the information out of people. Just give them Special Tea!

Cousin T, Jennie and Jessie could be twins, don't you think?

auntvonna said...

I always love hearing from Townie Jennie, thanks for the great interview ladies!!!

Balceroregontr said...

I love reading about Town Jennie. She is so interesting. I think a trip to visit her would be loads of fun.

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