Thursday, June 12, 2008

Margie and Edna Plan A Vacation

Margie: Edna, look. Here's a nice place where we could take our vacation. It's Richardson, Texas. Just look at these pictures of what we could see there.





Edna: I see a couple lovely pictures of what looks like a pretty little place. But you snuck in some pictures of Jensen. What are you up to, you sneaky so-and-so? Despite what you may think, that boy is not a vacation spot!

Margie: Oh honey, you are sadly mistaken. He's the only vacation spot I ever need to visit!

Edna: Sweet Lord above, give me strength. Margie, need I remind you that we are genteel ladies and not celebrity stalkers? Do I have to call Deputy Jimmy and have him give you that talk again?


Carol said...

Thanks for the daily laughs! You guys are a hoot. :)

Margie and Edna said...

Edna: Thank you for your lovely comment, dear. We do aim to please! I am naturally entertaining, but my poor sister has to work hard at it, and she doesn't always succeed. I'll be sure to tell her that you find her amusing as well, it will make her day. ;)

catfish said...

I love it! Especially the banter

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