Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Margie and Edna Interview Cousin T


We've known Cousin T since he was in short pants, and we would really like for our readers to get to know him better. He's always willing to help out two old ladies with whatever they ask of him. Also, his sense of humor knows no bounds, which makes him perfect for our blog. Please welcome Cousin T.

1. Cousin T, you only went to 3rd grade in school. How did you learn carpentry skills?

I went to third grade four times fore I give up and decided schoolin' weren't for me. I would be settin' around in class lookin' at all the baseboards and casin's encirclin' the room and takin' note of how it all come together. It is a pity no one ever thought to ask me what I was thinkin' about so they could apply it to the learnin' they was tryin' to impart.

I think this happens a lot. What I mean is I think a lot of kids slip thru the cracks because of teachers who don't have the time nor inclination to do the investigative work to meet them half way with things. Fractions in math meant nothin' to me on paper but sprung to life on the flex'ble blade of a tape measure. I think there should be more emphasis on findin'out how a kid is thinkin' and then learnin' from that how to teach and guide 'em.

Anyhow after I quit school I was told that fartin' around the house weren't no option and my Pappy got me a job helpin' out the local Carpenter Valter whose name was spelled Walter but he was Swedish so he pronounced it Valter.

Valter grew up livin' near the Baltic sea. He once found a pregnant mare in the icy water. He got his brothers and they actually rolled the mare into their boat and took the horse home and nursed it. Word came 'round that a farmer from about 15 mile away had lost the mare into the Baltic so Valter and his brothers returned the horse to him. Do you know when that foal was born and had grown into a colt the man came 'round and gave it to valter?

So, I learned Carpentry from Valter.

2. What do you like to do in your spare time?

My sister Sadie and I get together and make matryoshka for fun. For you folk's who don't know, matryoshka are the little russian nestin' dolls that fit one inside of the other. I make the forms and Sadie paints 'em. We make them with all kinds of themes like the british royal family and characters from Doctor Seuss and the Godfather. We made one once that had all the cousins includin' Margie and Edna. Ask anybody, Sadie has a knack for capturin' a likeness. I like reading them Sherlock Holmes stories and Nero Wolfe too and then of course there is YouTube.

3. Cousin T, you seem to spend a lot of time watching YouTube. What do you look for in an "entertaining" video, one that makes you watch it all the way through?

Well, I like something to take me by surprise and show me a side of things I have never considered before. In carpentry I think that every room no matter how plain should have some sort of feature. It could be as simple as rosettes in the casing but just a little somethin' special. I feel the same about videos

Here is one that blew my mind. I like it when they do that too.

4. A little birdie mentioned that you enjoy Greek mythology; do you have any favorite myths?

I like the one about the maiden Coronis who was so beautiful that even Apollo loved her but she loved a mere mortal and a white raven went to Apollo and told him of her prefrance. Well, Apollo got mad as can be and punished the messenger by turning his feathers black. A lot more happens but I do not want to spoil it for you. Sometimes I pretend that I am the mere mortal that Coronis loved and that ole mad Apollo seeks me out to smite me. I have a lot of fun comin' up with tricks I would play on ole Apollo if that were the case.

Coronis wouldn't love me though because I am not an Asshole. I have noticed that a lot of times really pretty girls like assholes. Can I say that on your blog?

5. Cousin T, how would you solve the problem of this high cost of gasoline?

I generally sling my bag over my shoulder and hop a train out of the Junction to take me near where I want to go. If I have a pressing appointment or I need to drive Miss Margie or Miss Edna to the doctor I will take the pickup. But I do not think high gas prices are a problem I think the problem is that folk's don't make enough money.

Thanks for listenin' to that Ree-mote Axis gal and askin' to interview me!

Thank you Cousin T!


Balceroregontr said...

Margie and Edna I sure enjoyed learning more about Cousin T.

chilly said...

Hello! Great read indeed!

You have been tagged and hope you don't mind. :)
Have a great week!

Margie and Edna said...

Thanks Debby. Cousin T is a special case- I mean person.

Thanks chilly. We'll be posting on Monday about quirks.

AmyV said...

I'm so glad you convinced Cousin T to set still a while for an interview! :-)

I loved reading more about him...

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