Friday, June 13, 2008

Margie and Edna: Jericho's Alternate Ending

Edna: Margie, what's that you're hiding in your sewing basket? You didn't steal my Supernatural DVDs again, did you?

Margie: No fool, I didn't. I'm keeping something for Mr. Hawkins and it's none of your business what it is. I'll only say it's smaller than a breadbox.

Edna: Fine, don't tell me what it is. But why on earth would he ever trust you with anything? Everyone in town knows what a snoop you are.

Margie: Edna, I don't tell everything I know. There are secrets that I keep to myself. Mr. Hawkins knows only I can stop you from finding this video.

Edna: You halfwit, you just told me and our readers exactly what it was you were supposed to be keeping a secret! Well, you've let the cat out of the bag now, you might as well show us all what the video is about.

CBS originally filmed two endings to the season 2 finale of "Jericho": a season finale and what they considered to be a series finale. The series finale is what the network aired. This clip is the un-aired season finale, which will be available on the Season 2 Jericho DVD. But it's been leaked early, and like many entertaining things, it has found its way onto YouTube. Watch and enjoy.


Ladyhawkcj said...

I have awarded you the Arte Y Pico Award. I enjoy reading your blog as it makes me laugh and I think that laughter is important. It prolongs your life in my opinion. To pick up your award please visit my site.

Vixen said...

I had heard about the alternate ending, thanks for brining it to me sooner!!!! Although it makes my heart ache for another season.

Sweet Tea said...

Thank you ladyhawkcj. This is quite an honor for us. You're very kind and we certainly agree that laughter is important.

Thank you Vixen. We want another season too. Maybe 20 seasons.

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