Wednesday, February 29, 2012

...and all the men said "No!"


Margie: Yoohoo! Sister, I made your favorite brownies. You can have the pan by yourself. I'm in such a good mood today! I'd be in a better mood if I could borrow your pearl earbobs with the matching necklace. How about that red dress too? Oh, I probably need to borrow $100 to go buy those sparkly heels I saw at the shoe store in town. I poured you a glass of milk to go with your brownies too.  I'll wash the dishes later.

Edna:   Margie, if you need to borrow $100 then go ask Cousin T for it, because you are surely not getting it from me.

What are you up to? You're acting a bit more like a hussy than usual, and that makes me extremely nervous. 

Margie: I was planning to propose to a nice gentleman at Bailey's but I see you want me to stay here with you. I guess my leaving isn't worth $100 to you so don't complain about me ever again. You had your chance.

Edna:  Don't try that manipulative routine on me, I'm not one of your sad-sack patsies down at Bailey's.  I know all your tricks, sister, just like I know that you can propose all you want but none of the nice gentlemen in town will have you.  I'll be keeping my $100, thank you, no sense throwing good money after bad.

Margie: Demon!

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