Friday, February 24, 2012

Mama's Hot Cocoa


Margie: These cold winters surely make my old bones ache, sister, but I thank you for making me this warm nightgown. It's warm to my body. 

Edna, do you remember when Mama and Grandma would make us that good hot cocoa in the wintertime? My stars, that stuff would warm us through and through. They didn't use an old mix either. Remember?

Edna:  How could I forget?  It was so warm and lovely, and you know how I love my chocolate!  I remember how Mama used to make it special for us, and she'd put in broken peppermints or old pieces of candy cane.  Remember how we used to find bits of cellophane at the bottom of the cup?  We never told Mama, though, because we didn't want her to stop making us that delicious treat.

Margie: I do remember and I felt so loved when I saw that cup of cocoa. You know how I love marshmallows and Mama would always put an extra one in my cup. Nobody makes hot cocoa like that anymore.

Edna:  Well, that's certainly true.  Everything today is "instant" this, and "easy" that.  It's times like this that I really miss the old-fashioned ways.  And Mama, of course.

Thank you for reminding me of such a wonderful memory, sister.  Maybe we should make some of Mama's hot cocoa right now, it sure would warm us both up.

Margie: What a wonderful idea! Edna, please don't sling sugar all over my new nightgown. You always did that when Mama wasn't looking then she'd wonder why the floor was so gritty.

Edna:  Typical.  Why are you so bound and determined to ruin a nice conversation with some kind of crabby remark?  Just drink your cocoa, sister, and be glad I don't dump it in your lap.

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