Monday, February 27, 2012

International Polar Bear Day


Margie: Today is International Polar Bear Day. I know they love to be cold so maybe somebody will send one to live with Edna and me. Edna is so stingy with the heat that I feel like I may be a polar bear myself.

Edna, do those polar bears drink anything but Coca-Cola? I bet they'd love some hot cider.

Edna:  Go ahead and get close enough to one to offer it some cider, see what happens.  I like polar bears, did you know that their hair looks white because the hair shaft is hollow?  That's why sometimes you see green polar bears, because algea is growing in the hair shaft.  My lands, but isn't nature interesting!

Margie: Sister, I'm less worried about being close to one and more worried about how daft you are. I think you have more than a hair shaft that's hollow.

Edna:  You know, for an ex-librarian you're surprisingly hostile about learning new facts.  I don't know why I even bother.

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