Friday, March 2, 2012

Blue in the face

Edna:  My word, Margie, come over here and take a look at this

Fugates of Kentucky, "Skin Bluer Than Lake Louise"; courtesy ABC News

Edna:  Have you ever seen such a thing in all your born days?  I swan, if it wasn't being reported by ABC News then I'd think someone was making it all up.  Those poor, blue people.

Margie: I swan, sister, do you believe everything you read? Cousin T turns blue when he gets mad and holds his breath. He even painted himself blue once after he saw a picture of "Blue Boy" is some book.

Edna:  Did you even read that article?  It says it's a real medical condition and that there are still people who suffer from it today, although it's very rare.  Cousin T turning blue is not at all what I'm talking about, idjit.  You're just being contrary because I'm the one who told you about it.  My lands, I bet if Mr. Jensen Ackles started talking about this you'd believe it.

Margie: Oh honey, Jensen Ackles could tell me MY face was blue and I'd believe it!

I suppose I should just be happy that I don't have that condition. Edna, what if those people are blue because aliens abducted them in the past?

Edna:  Good God, woman!  It is nearly impossible to have a serious conversation with you.  I'm going next door to see if the neighbors want to have an intelligent discussion, and if I see any aliens I'll send them your way.

Margie: No wonder she can't get along with folks.

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Jody said...

You guys just kill me..I get to laughing so hard, I can't even drink my coffee. I MISS ya all!!

Have a wonderful weekend girls :)


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