Friday, March 9, 2012


The dogs in Australia are VERY brave.

Edna:  Dearest readers, I'm sure you all know by now that I am a genteel woman and not prone to vindictiveness.  But that sister of mine could drive a saint to sinning!  I tell you what, that woman has no respect for personal boundaries.  Last week she snuck my brand-new purple satin pumps out of my closet and jammed her gargantuan feet into them for her weekly visit to the boys at the VFW.  Then she put them back in my closet and didn't say a word about it!  Like I wouldn't notice how they're all stretched out from her bunions.  She snagged the satin and scuffed up the bottoms, too.  She even had the gall to lie when I asked her about it.  I am generous, dear readers, but even I have my limits.

Well.  Maybe she'll learn her lesson once she takes a gander at these pictures from a news story I saw the other day about Australian spiders. 

Spiders!  SPIDERS!!!!

Edna:  That woman is deathly afraid of spiders, and she'll yell down the house if she spies even the tiniest of spiders inside.  I'm planning on blowing these pictures up and setting them on her nightstand so they'll be the first thing she sees in the morning.  Maybe I'll get some of that fake Halloween spiderweb stuff and put it all over her bed and nightstand.  Put a plastic spider right on the tip of her nose while she's sleeping.  THEN we'll see who stays out of whose closet!

Many thanks to Meg Wood for posting this news story on Facebook the other day.  And for contributing to the nightmares of all the arachnophobes on her friends list.

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