Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where's our money??

Edna: Margie, I tell you what, I am just stumped as to how bloggers make any money with their blogs. You're forever seeing some blogger going on and on about "monetizing" this and that, but I'm starting to think they're all full of hooey. We certainly haven't had much luck so far with this monetizing thing, maybe we need to think outside the box. Winter's here and I need to raise some funds for socks and mittens.

Margie: I know what you mean, sister. I need flannel bloomers and new socks plus another blanket for my bed. I think it's hooey too.

Maybe now you'd like to entertain my notion of selling nekkid pictures?

Edna: Oh, good grief. Margie, I refuse to make money by objectifying handsome young men, I don't care how willing they are.

I was thinking maybe we could hold a widget yard sale. I'm sure we've got a few over there in the sidebar just gathering dust.

Margie: Edna, I was talking about nekkid pictures of ME. Yes, we could have a widget yard sale or we could have a Special Tea stand out by the road.

Maybe people would send donations if they saw a picture of my holey bloomers.

Edna: As much as I hate to admit it, you might be on to something there. We could put up a picture of you and people could pay us to take it down. Goodness knows no one wants to see you and your holey bloomers, let alone you IN your holey bloomers.

Oh, I know! Maybe we could find us a wealthy sponsor, and they could pay us one dollar every time we insulted each other. My lands, we'd be millionaires in no time!

Margie: Edna, did you insult me? How do you know who might want to see my bloomers?


Margie: I like that sponsor idea. Who will sponsor me to duct tape Edna's mouth so we don't have to listen to her nonsense?


Don't forget to email us your guesses for the "Guess our Ages" contest, only five days left to enter!


Poetic Shutterbug said...

I kinda like the bloomers. How about you use the sympathy method and show pics of the holey bloomers letting everyone know that you cannot afford "thongs" and if you had thongs you would model them. People will throw money at you. No, no $$$ from me unless of course the Margiedales are wearing the bloomers :D

Karen said...

Those are such pretty bloomers!

RNSANE said...

I don't know how people can stand thongs...I always hated it when kids would give me wedgies when I was little! But, to each his, er, her own, I guess.

I don't make any money from blogging, either...I need to get Poetic Shutterbug to teach me all the basics...but she's so busy making money, she doesn't have time any more!

Auntie E said...

If you figure it out clue the rest of us in....I just love blogging and would love to make some moola...but then again my Uncle Sam would find a way to take it,LOL.

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Poetic, I can't afford thongs. I would model them if anybody would pay what that picture would be worth. The Margiedalws said they can do that for a hefty amount. Interested?

Thanks, Karen.

Carmen, I think Poetic is too busy spending her money to pay us any mind. She's not even answering her phone when I call.

Auntie E, you're so right.

Work For Yourself Now! said...

LOL @ the widget yard sale!! That too clever and funny!!! lmao!
Let me know how that goes, okay?
Got a few useless widgets I'd like to get rid of myself! :D

Fitness Health and Life said...

Where can one find such lovely bloomers as those these days?
Victoria's Secret certainly is not carrying them!

Patricia Rockwell said...

I too think photos of the both of you in the bloomers would generate mucho dinero.

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