Thursday, December 3, 2009

Operation Santa Paws


Your help is needed for holiday toys, treats, and supplies for shelter and rescue cats and dogs.

"OPERATION SANTA PAWS was established by Justin Rudd in 2001. It is part of the Haute Dog organization (pronounced HOT) -- a diverse and growing network of dog owners, lovers, educators, rescuers and supporters. Our common bond has resulted in a unique and lively community of folks who share some qualities of our favorite dogs: devotion, spirit and tenacity."


Don't forget to email us your guesses for the "Guess our Ages" contest, only five days left to enter. Many thanks to those who've sent us their guesses so far!


Marg said...

That looks like a great Operation Santa paws. I am all for helping as many animals as we can. And that looks like a great one.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

An adorable picture of the doggy!! Love it! Hope you are having a great week.

RNSANE said...

Pets give us unconditional love and support...we need to give back.

Ann said...

OMG what the heck is my dog doing here? That little brat, I knew he was up to something. He's been trying to take over my blog and now I see he's moonlighting.

By the way sounds like a great idea I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

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