Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grampy and Us


Margie: Edna, I told you that you're a nitwit and I've got proof now. Look at Grampy, Claudia, and Cousin T all passed out in front of the fireplace. I told you not to ask Grampy to help Cousin T build that house.

Lord a mercy, what if somebody saw Grampy come in here? He's a married man, sister, and his wife may come looking for you. We know there's no foolishness going on here but she may not believe us.

Edna: Well, I don't know why you're blaming me for this! I never told anyone to build any house, I just told Grampy that I heard he was good at building doll houses. Things would have been just fine if you hadn't insisted on giving them special tea. And shame on you for giving special tea to Grampy's dog, I'm going to call the ASPCA.

And as for Mrs. Grampy...I'm sure she's a reasonable woman and will understand when you call her to come pick up Grampy and Claudia.

Margie: Don't you try to blame me, nitwit. Cousin T said he needed help to build him a house and you're the one who asked Grampy to help him. Furthermore, I made a special recipe for the tea that's safe for animals so you report me and we'll see who looks like a dummy.

Speaking of a dummy, there's no way I'm calling Mrs. Grampy! Let's just roll Grampy out to the curb and call Deputy Jimmy to come get him.

Edna: Now you listen up and you listen good, you old fool. Cousin T said he needed help with his new house and ALL I said was that Grampy builds dollhouses. That's it, end of story. I thought Grampy could help him with his plans or something. But you know, I think the special tea you gave them made those blueprints hard to read. That house they built doesn't look big enough to hold a hamster, let alone a human.

We can't just abandon Grampy at the curb, that would be insensitive. Plus, we might get cited for littering. If we can roll him out as far as the front yard, he'd be safe under that maple tree until his wife can come get him. Go on ahead and call her, since you're responsible for this mess.

Margie: That might work but I'm keeping Claudia in the house. Let me use your cellulitis phone and I'll call Mrs. Grampy.

Edna: Here's the phone, and I'm locking myself in the basement until everything quiets down. You give that lovely Mrs. Grampy my regards, and you tell Grampy that next time he wants to visit us, he'd best behave a bit better. My stars and garters, I need a tonic to calm my nerves!

Margie: Folks, I'm too smart for my sister. When I use her phone to call Mrs. Grampy, guess whose name will show up on that phone???


RNSANE said...

Lawdy me, ladies, what if someone else comes and picks Grampy up while he is out under the maple tree? Your tea sounds like "the recipe" those two sisters on the Waltons used to make.

Auntie E said...

Oh gracious, I was thinking about the tea that was severed by the women in the Frank Capra film
"Arsenic and Old lace". Let see... those Brewster Sisters put the men in the basement!

Grampy said...

Mrs Grampy here. I will be over to pick up the old fool.The only reason I am even coming is because Claudia is there. I miss her.Grampy needs to get out of his own scraps.I might have to call this Edna lady that I see on the caller ID.
So Grampy may have a headache.Go see if he was well enough to post anything on his blog.

RE - EntrePOD said...

hey gals, what's in that "special tea" ? I want to see my stars and garters too. happy holidays chicas.

Karen said...

Sounds like Grampy is in the doghouse!

Margie and Edna said...

Margie: Carmen, come get him if you like. You'd love our tea.

Auntie E, that sounds like us.

Mrs. Grampy, feel free to call Edna. She started all this. Please keep Grampy in your house as he doesn't know how to behave.

EPod, you best come have a glass. Tasting is believing.

Karen, maybe he'd best start building him one?

Femmepower said...

Hahaha That was hilarious! I love grampy so will somebody pick him up already under the maple tree?

Grampy said...

Grampy here. I am fine.Grammy took me home.I don't remember too much.I do have an awful lot of bruises.I am black and blue all over.
Well I am looking forward to the next time I spend a nice quiet visit to the ladies.
Have a good weekend all.

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