Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Common courtesy: a dying art

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Edna: Margie, I've been noticing something more and more lately, and I just can't hold my tongue about it any longer. Where did everyone's manners go? I swan, it wasn't that long ago when it was common courtesy for men to take their hats off when dining in a restaurant. Nowadays, every Tom, Dick and Herman wears a backwards ball-cap out to dinner.

Margie: That's just rude and tacky. Edna, I think those are the same men who answer their cell phones and talk so loud that everybody within a mile knows all their business.

Edna: I just hope they don't do that in front of their mamas, but it's bad enough they do it in our earshot. And whatever happened to a gentleman standing up whenever a lady enters the room?

It makes me sad to think that the standard for good manners has gotten so lax. Time was, you could count on folks knowing how to handle themselves around other folks, but not anymore.

Margie: Edna, I think the mamas are letting these men be lax. Not only does a gentleman not stand anymore, Edna, but they almost knock you down to get in the store in front of you.

I'll tell you what could cure these bad manners- a hickory switch on the rear.

Edna: I think you're right, sister. I say we take a hickory switch along with us the next time we go out to eat and dole out a little rough justice on some folks. What do you think?

Margie: I'm all for that, sister.


"Annie" said...

Laughing...I'm with you too, sister...Things are getting out of hand. We need a few etiquette heroes...(Smile)

Ya'll have a great day~


Grampy said...

The hickory stick sounds good. Of course my wife would probably object.She tells me I am just as bad for not having tolerance.
I am looking for a stick.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

I absolutely agree with you! I went into an expensive clothing store on Sunday and was told before I got 5 feet into the door that they were closing in 10 minutes "just so you know". I said okay and continued to the pants, where I was accosted by another girl who said they were closing in ten minutes. Ridiculous! They didn't even say hi first! Regardless of whether it was an expensive store or not, I would like someone to at least say 'hi' before they tell me to get out, but I was in a store that had pants starting at $120! Obviously the service doesn't go up with the price of the merchandise. Needless to say, I will NOT be shopping there ever again!

Doctor Faustroll said...

Did someone have too much to eat?

sadermaxx said...

You are so right!
I have been saying the same thing for a while. Where are the manners. If I acted like this when I was a kid, my mother would have had my head!

Theresa said...

Ahh and do you ladies remember the days when people held the door for you? Or if you held the door for someone they actually said "Thank You"?? Manners cost nothing.

Crabby Blogging Lady said...

Marvelous post! I couldn't agree with you more.

Ever hear of Carrie Nation? That's what we should do, what Carrie "Hatchet" Nation used to do. I'm FED UP with such nasty behavior from those whippersnappers.

PJ said...

i need an applause smiley here! there are very few that still have manners. that is one thing i am so proud of my children for. they always say thank you, hold the door, and are respectful to others. today tatiana and i went out browsing and she actually held the door open for some older people. i was very impressed with that as she lacks in the manners area.

TRoss said...

Amen, sisters.

Tina said...

I couldn't agree more! There don't seem to be many people that even know what good manners are anymore let alone practice them. My husband opens the door for me always, and it still makes me feel good. (We are youngsters, BTW. He's 45, and I'm 38.) I guess I better get on those boys of mine!

Dwacon® said...

Etiquitte ain't dead... but it could sure use an Obama bail-out!

melanie.joy said...

I definitely agree!

I got lucky with my guy...out of the 3.5 years we've been together, he's only missed opening the door for me twice! :) Quite the gentlemen.

We need more like him!

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