Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Margie: Edna, I was just in the garden gathering some cucumbers. I'm telling you these mosquitos are awful this year. They bite me day and night. They've done that since I was a little girl.

I looked them up on Giggle and it says they like sweet things. That must be true, Edna, because I'm one of the sweetest things around. Do you think that's why they bite me?

Edna: Margie, your capacity for self-delusion is truly astounding. The only time you were the sweetest thing around was when you made that lemonade and forgot to add the sugar.

But I'll tell you what, I can't stand those little biting no-see-ums either. I'm not going outside again this summer without some of my Avon Skin-So-Soft, that stuff is amazing for keeping bugs from biting.

Margie: I needed some repellent too so I borrowed some change off your dresser.

Edna, you think you're so smart so answer a question. I know about no-see-ums but how do people know they exist if you can't see um? Is it possible to turn a person into a no-see-um?

Edna: Oh Margie, how I wish it were.


Jodi said...

Well ladies where I am living the Skin-So-Soft is not even working, believe it or not. They are treacherous this year, it is absolutely horrible here (Indiana) this year.

Other then that I hope all is well with you two.

God bless,

Lynne said...

Those no-see-ums are mean! Definitely need to stock up on bug spray this season.

Dorothy L said...

I agree with Jodi...sss works on most pesty bugs but those no see-ums are tough little buggers.

i live by the river and they are tough at certain times of the day.

LOL at your always cute scenario:)

PinkLady said...

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Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

Hi you two! How are you doing? Google search led us to this post when looking for a remedy for no see um bites. We are on a canal in Hudson Fl. and getting bitten terribly. Hope all is well with you. Silly Willy and Fluffy

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