Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving memories


Margie: Edna, I love November and all the smells and pretty leaves. I sure miss our folks though. November reminds me of Thanksgiving and that always reminds me of Grandma Callahan. Remember how we'd go to her house and get so hungry because it smelled wonderful? I remember the cinnamon most. We did get in some trouble a few times though.

Edna, remember how Grandma would give each of us a ball of dough and a rolling pin? She'd let us roll out that dough then cut out cookies in any shape we liked. Lawsy me, remember that time my rolling pin flew out of my hands and hit you upside the head? I'll never forget the look on your face!

Edna:  I cannot believe you are bringing that incident up in the midst of so many other happy memories.  That was not an accident, no matter what you say.  If Grandma Callahan hadn't been standing right there, you can bet your bippy you'd have been sporting a matching goose egg on your own head!

She was a wonderful baker, remember?  Her biscuits were light as air and her fruit breads were always in demand at the church bake sales.  Too bad she wasn't able to teach you how to cook, sister.

Margie: Too bad that rolling pin didn't knock you into another century.

Edna:  Go ahead and insult me all you want, you shrew, but you're not going to taint my memories of our grandmother.  Thanksgiving was always a wonderful time at her house, she loved the holidays.  Remember the year she put a pilgrim hat on the pumpkin?  Mama and Daddy laughed so hard when she brought that to the table, I thought they were going to choke!

Margie: Edna, I have good memories too. Remember that year that you got into the grape salad and couldn't eat dinner with the rest of us because you were sick? Oh, I really enjoyed that year when you had the measles and had to stay in the parlor.

Grandma loved Daddy like he was her own son. She always made his favorite custard. Why don't you go whip us up some custard, sister?

Edna:  Why don't you come here and get acquainted with my rolling pin?

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