Monday, November 28, 2011

The Callahans


Margie: Edna, come help me write this letter to my friends in Hollywood. I know a lot of TV people and I'm going to let them know that these reality shows on TV are junk. Who cares about these boring Kardashians or the Braxton family? Not me. Once The Callahans hit the screen then we'll be the only reality show worth watching.

I must say, though, that I don't want cameras in my bedroom or bathroom.

Edna:  Good Lord, NOBODY wants cameras there, believe me.  And if you think I'm going to consent to being on a reality show with you, you're nuts.  I value my privacy too much, and I certainly don't want the rest of the world to see what a lunatic you are. 

Margie: I don't care if you consent or not because I'm the one who will be what the show is about. The only reason you value your privacy is because you're afraid somebody will see you without your dentures.

Edna:  Fine, you just go ahead and do your stupid reality show, but I know the law.  They can't show me on the TV without my permission, and no way am I signing anything that allows that.  And don't you say anything about my dentures, you've had them longer than I have.

Margie: Don't you worry, sister, because I'm not about to let them film you. I don't want people to think they're watching the "Walking Dead."

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RNSANE said...

I am sure you'll be number one in the ratings and make millions of dollars which you will share with your number one fans, hint, hint - like me and Poetic Shutterbug in San Francisco.

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